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We joined Forever Living Products in 1996. A good friend of ours introduced the business to us and we were immediately impressed by what we saw and heard. On the same day, we purchased our Combo and took our first step into Network Marketing.

Coming from a Real Estate and Restaurant back-ground, we found that the FLP Business Opportunity did not have the many pitfalls that other businesses have, namely rentals, staff salaries, stock, vast capital outlay etc., but had all the benefits that go with owning your own business. This is definitely the business of the future.


Rick & Eve Beeton
  Forever Living Products has afforded ourselves and our family the opportunity to
realise many of our goals and dreams, and as a family , we are grateful for this.

The Products are great (we’ve seen the most amazing results) and the Marketing
Plan is unmatched. Forever Living Products is an extremely generous Company and,
for every level of achievement you attain, you are rewarded and recognised by the

Our advice is - if this Opportunity is presented to you, grab it with both
hands and your dreams can become a reality - pure and simple, it certainly
happened with us.